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Spiritual Community

​                          Unaffiliated 


  1. ​We take the Bible too seriously, to read it all literally.
  2. We believe the Bible is inspired but not dictated by the Holy Spirit.
  3. One of the reasons we honor the Bible is because it's not afraid to reveal human mistakes, feelings, weaknesses, and failures.
  4. We read the Bible prayerfully, believing the Holy Spirit will help us to understand, apply and interpret correctly.
  5. We seek to apply full attention to Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience.
  6. ​We realize that interpretation is part of reading and studying the Bible.
  7. ​We do our best to read the Biblical texts in their original languages.
  8. We consider the best available Biblical Scholarship.
  9. We seek to read passages in context.
  10. We seek to read and understand passages with consideration of the historical socio-political context.
  11. We employ a hermeneutic of compassion, love and justice.
  12. We try to let Scripture interpret Scripture.
  13. We follow Jesus' example in being willing to reinterpret passages and theologies in light of His teachings and better understandings.
  14. We seek to do the above in love with those of different understandings in community.
  15. We repeat these steps frequently as new information and scholarship comes in.

Adapted from Roger Wolsey article, (Ways Progressives Interpret the Bible)