​Hi, this is Dr. Steve Beck of Unaffiliated Spiritual Community-Flagstaff, Arizona. I was a Pastor for some 20 years who left The Church because the priorities of Grace, Love, and Compassion were becoming less and less emphasized. Interestingly enough, I really didn't realize to the extent I do now, these exact reasons for my exodus. But as I look back, this is now very clear to me. At this point we're simply a web-based, all inclusive Spiritual Community. Yet, in the future we'll have a blog, pod cast and physical gathering. We are not a church but at the same time are not anti-church. As mentioned, we call ourselves a Spiritual Community.

Spiritual Community

Why the Name?

​                          Unaffiliated 

The reason for the name Unaffiliated Spiritual Community is because we don't have any affiliation with any particular theology, teaching, practices or beliefs. I do still call myself a Christian though, but if asked about my faith ​I identify myself as Christian but Unaffiliated. Many have and are leaving The Church and even dropping the name Christian because of how much of current Christian Messaging and The Church have misapplied things. I have a special place in my heart for these folks, for I was once one of them. I truly understand and respect these decisions. 

What's the Goal?

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For the time being unfortunately I'm going to stop the Pod Casts and work on finishing my book  " A Search for 21st Century Christianity." When finished I will offer it here and then we'll go from there. I'm finding I can't get enough information across in the time limitations of YouTube.

What we're About

We're committed​ to helping people understand and appreciate the spiritual nature of life and relationships. We are all spiritual beings as well as physical and emotional ones. Life is relationships, be it with God (The Light, The Great Mystery, The Ultimate Reality), ourselves, others and with our world. These are some of the areas we will be exploring together.

Who we Are

Please contact me at: steve@unaffiliatedsc.com

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​My greatest hope is that Unaffiliated Spiritual Community can be a place of healing for people who have been hurt and disenfranchised from Christian religiosity and The Church. And further, that this might be a place of new direction, hope and healing. If interested, we'd love you to be a part of this adventure.

Well, much more will be shared in the future. This is just the beginning! Thanks, feel free to contact me.